Put Your Head Down

Exploration is a human nature. Everyone wants to know more, learn more, read more, write more and something more. There is a very thin line between exploring and being distracted. So often we tend to use exploration as a excuse for distraction. It is somewhere in our heads, that the more we are aware of what is happening around the more productive it will help us be at our work.

In my opinion, this is not TRUE.

Exploring and being amazed by what you find is alone not going to get you anywhere. It is the application of what you explore is what will get you doing things you always wanted to do. Discovering new motivational articles is not going to motivate you more than the last article, though it may seem like that for a while. There is nothing that motivates you more than doing what you have always wanted to do and seeing it through to the end.

Read, but read well
Never stop reading. Set aside sometime to read. It should not be an activity that should be done whenever you get time. Set aside two hours and read and research the subject you are reading. Make notes.

Write and write often
It is a belief that if one is a good reader, he or she will also be a good writer. Again, this is not true. It is a different game when you are writing. You will be amazed how words don’t make it out of your head to paper. Writing needs constant practise just like any other activity. The more you write the better you will get.

Keep your knives sharp
Skill acquired over time need to be sharpened once in a while. Keep revising your skills and don;t let them fade. It is necessary as it may be so frustrating to realize that a skill that you were so good at is a tough task now.

Keep your eyes set on growth.

Relax and ponder
You need to relax. As human beings we can relax our bodies but it is a battle to relax our minds. Stop reading & writing or listening and sit aside and just ponder. The best ideas often surface when pondering over the things you have in your head.

Be Simple
Bruce Lee puts this really well, “It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.”

So put your head down right now and start working.

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