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Apache Hadoop has gained lot of attention over the past few years and there are many organizations using Apache Hadoop to process their large (Terabytes to Petabytes) data. This change has also got many software engineers interested in Hadoop and the various components of its ecosystem. Organizations such as Cloudera and Hortonworks also conduct some really good courses and certifications to enable interested individuals get a good grip on Apache Hadoop. The internet too has tons of resources on Apache Hadoop.

In November 2012 I completed my Cloudera Training for Apache Hadoop Developer and in December I was a Cloudera Certified Apache Hadoop Developer. Since then, I have posted a few tutorials on my blog and have been receiving good feedback.

The continuous interaction with visitors via blog comments and email made me want to start Hadoop Screencasts. Hadoop Screencasts is a simple website that will contain 10-15 minute video tutorials and screencasts on Apache Hadoop and the various components of its ecosystem.

I intend to start by covering the basics of Hadoop and slowly move on to more advanced topics and components. Every week, two videos will be posted. I am starting this as a side project.

Hadoop Screencasts will launch in the last week of June 2013.

Please visit Hadoop Screencasts and fill up the questionnaire which will enable me to develop and build better quality and relevant tutorials on Apache Hadoop.

Hadoop Screencasts Questionnaire
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