Flicksery – A Netflix Search Engine

Flicksery is a simple Netflix Search Engine that uses filters to search the Netflix catalog to find the right movies for you.

Why did I develop Flicksery?

Easy Search

I love movies. Netflix, contrary to what people say, has several movies, TV Series, Documentaries that are of top class quality. However, there was no easy way to search the catalog using www.netflix.com to find the right movies.

Flicksery’s Simple Search Filters :


Example Search Results (Instant, Action Movies with Rating > 3) :



Forthcoming Movies – Netflix Instant

Flicksery shows the movies that are coming soon to Netflix Instant on the landing page itself. Now users know what to expect in the coming weeks, months, etc. There are several other Netflix Search sites, but most of them were either overly populated with ads, restricted themselves to Instant only or did not provide the right search filters to perform simple searches.


Simple Recommendations

I needed a simple way to recommend the movies to my friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. So I built it into the app.

Via Twitter:


 Via Facebook:


Via Email:


Not sure how many people may find this useful but those who use Netflix regularly will see some value in this.

The app has been written on Ruby On Rails, uses the Twitter Bootstrap and Sunspot Solr for Rails. The database is MySql.

Please let me know your comments/feedback and feature requests. I will try and work on them to make this app even more useful to you.

You can either comment to this post or send me an email :rohit@flicksery.com

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